Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Employing the Unemployable


A recent Friday was a big day.  We recently secured jobs for three of the Real Men at Village Oaks.  This has been a long process that started with a vision from Jesus: employ the unemployable.

Many of the men at our properties do not work.  For some, this is a choice.  But, for others it is simply a painful reality.

Many of these men get involved in things that put them in prison.  Once they get out, finding a job is very hard.  One of the men who recently got a job struggled for three years to find a job, support his family, and be a father to three kids.  But, he took the little work that came his way, jumped head first in to the community at Village Oaks, and believed whole-heartedly that God would take care of him.  God did.  He is now a foreman on a home construction crew here in Dallas.  His bosses sing his praises and Anthony just keeps singing Jesus’ praises.

For another one of the men (pictured at the top of this post wearing a Real Men shirt), he jumped from temp agency to temp agency, work project to work project struggling to find long-term work.  He ended up at Village Oaks and the Lord brought us a job to give to him.  He is now on a grounds crew that takes care of Village Oaks.  We are praying that this crew continues to grow their clients in the South Oak Cliff area, which would increase the hours for this crew and create more jobs.

We are so thankful for the work that Jesus is doing to take care of His children.  And, we are thankful that He included us in His endeavor to employ the ones that the world calls "unemployable."  To Jesus, these are His kids.

If you would like to get involved with us to "employ the unemployable," please contact us.

-- Will Dowell