Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Miracle

I am learning a lot these days.  God is big.  Really big.  And, He can do big things.  He can heal the sick.  He can right the wrongs.  He can take a broken home and make it a shining example.  He can take you and me and use us to do good things.  We are truly blessed to serve such a good God. 

To use an idea from a book I read, I am ‘trying on’ promises of God.  Like a new pair of shoes.  I am not trying any harder to believe.  I am simply trying these on.  Trusting that He is who He says He is.  Many of His promises are promises that I already wear – He loves me, wants the best for me, provides for me, calls me His own, and includes me in His Kingdom.  But, there are some promises I have not yet tried on.

Existing with God’s Kingdom, and all the promises that come with it, is another kingdom.  A dark, nasty one.  We are all familiar with it.  Sickness, death, destruction.  No peace, no breaks, no rest.  We have all experienced this kingdom because it is all around us.  We all know what this dark kingdom can and will promise us.

I saw a glimpse of the nasty kingdom a few weeks ago at Willow Pond.  A friend I know named Brenda lives there.  She has a sick tooth that needs to be pulled.  It is painful and it is driving her blood pressure up, which is already an issue.  The catch 22 is this: the toothache is causing her blood pressure to go up.  But, because her blood pressure is too high, she cannot get the tooth pulled.

I saw Brenda by the Basketball Court on a Saturday morning during one of our Finish Strong Basketball Camps.  She told me about her sick tooth.  Taking her to the dentist was out of the question: she had already been and her blood pressure was too high.  I decided to ‘try on’ His promises - to trust Him.  So, I offered her the one thing I have: Jesus.  Stepping through the fear, I asked her if I could pray for her tooth and she said please.  We prayed, and I went back to the camp as she took her daughters to the pool.

The following Tuesday I saw Brenda.  She came to the Community Center and grabbed my arm.  “My tooth is fine!  I don’t have any pain – it is healed.”  We were both joyful and thankful to Jesus, who healed her sick tooth.

Really, there were two miracles.  God healed one of his beloved, Brenda.  She was in pain with a tooth that needed to be pulled.  Now, that tooth is fine.  And, He worked in me.  I ‘tried on’ His promise because I believe He is who He says He is: God is a good God who loves us dearly.  This is true for all of us - even when teeth are not healed.  I think I’ll keep on the shoes (promises) that go with His Kingdom, and keep looking to put on more.

-- Will Dowell