Friday, April 20, 2012

Married to Jesus

I was walking with some kids to the community garden, when one of the girls asked me, "Mr. Rick, are you married?"

Without even thinking about it, I said, "I am married to Jesus."

"Married to Jesus!"  I could see the confusion all over her face, so I explained what I meant.  "It is a commitment I made to Jesus. I made the choice to give him my heart, my love, to follow Him wherever he may lead me, to stay faithful and make Him the number one person in my life.  In return, He gives me His love and He is faithful to me.  He protects me, provides for me, and guides me."

Sometime later the same subject came up with some of the other kids.  A young lady chimed in, "Rickey is married to Jesus!"  I could see the same confusion on these kids' faces, too.  But then, the young lady proceded to explain what that meant!  I couldn't help but just smile.

Recently this same girl accepted Christ into her heart!  Whether she knows it or not...she is married to Jesus, too!

-- Rickey Fanning